3 Factors That Impact the Price of Your Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub can be an important safety upgrade in your bathroom. Whether you or your family member struggles with limited mobility due to age, a disability, or another factor, a walk-in tub can make life much simpler and safer. But how much will that upgrade cost you? A Safe Step walk-in tub’s price will vary based on a number of factors. Here are 3 of the biggest factors that will impact your tub’s price.

Tub Size

Obviously, the size of your tub will make a big difference when determining the price of your upgrade. Smaller tubs (like a standard shower-tub combo) will have a smaller price tag than large soaking tubs. The size you select for your walk-in tub will likely be the same as your current bathtub, so try measuring your existing fixture to give yourself a better idea of what you’re looking for when comparing prices.

Additional Features

A tub can be just a place to sit and relax in the water. But a lot of tubs these days have upgrades and features that turn a tub into a therapeutic experience. And of course, the more features you add to a walk-in tub, the higher the price tag on the installation will be. There are some features that you’ll absolutely want, like grab handles and other items important to your safety. Other features, like massaging jets and a heated seat are not essential, but can really upgrade your tub to a spa-like environment.

Be sure to examine different models of walk-in tubs and find one with the features you need (as well as a few extra ones you might want) that is within your budget.

Difficulty of Installation

The final factor impacting your tub’s price will not be based on the tub itself, but on the difficulty of installing it. If your new tub slips easily into your bathroom and hooks up quickly to your existing plumbing, you’ll have a pretty standard installation cost. If plumbing needs to be moved around, or the installers encounter other difficulties, you might find yourself with some extra installation fees.

Every bathtub upgrade is different, so it’s important to receive a consultation and a quote to get a clearer expectation on what you will pay. Speak to a professional to learn more about what you can expect for your Safe Step walk-in tub price.

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