3 Reasons to Use Custom Flags for Your Business

While marketing in the current age has taken a decided turn towards digital channels, there’s still a lot to be said for old-fashioned analog advertising. While there may not be as many print options as in prior eras, there are still ways to effectively market your business through real-world visibility and constant presence. One such tool for promoting your business is custom flags and signage.

Custom flags can provide businesses of all sizes with a versatile, highly customizable means of getting their brand in front of potential customers. While the best marketing tactics combine a variety of marketing channels, there is still value in using custom flags to draw attention to your business. Read on for some of the best reasons to utilize custom flags to promote your business.


Custom flags come in an array of shapes, sizes, and applications. For example, if you need signage for your store front, a standard rectangular custom flag can mark your business presence to prospective customers. If you want to catch the attention of passers-by, then a vertical sign that incorporates motion, such as a feather flag, could be useful. There are also tents for drawing attention to promotional events at community get-togethers. No matter your need, there’s a custom flag or sign to meet your needs.


Because of the wide variety of configurations for custom flags, it’s difficult to pin down a single price point. However, many custom flags offer businesses a cost-effective way to build brands and draw customers to their businesses. While a print ad or digital banner ad on a local media website could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the market, custom flags can be had for under $100. Furthermore, custom flags don’t represent a recurring cost. You must pay for conventional advertising by the period, such as by the week or month. Once you buy a custom flag, however, you can use it until it wears out with no additional cost.

Convenient to Use

Most custom flags offer excellent ease of use and can be highly portable. For example, the average feather flag can be broken down into its components in mere moments. It can then easily be placed into a car or carried in from a parking lot or roadway. They are light, simple to set up, and easy to move. When not in use, they take up minimal space and can be stored almost anywhere conveniently.

If you want a reliable, attention-grabbing way to promote your business, consider investing in custom flags. They’re affordable, versatile, and simple to use in many applications.

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