5 Facts about Showers That May Surprise You

Showers are a welcome part of our personal hygiene routines. Whether you like to rinse and refresh under the stream of cold water, or you’d rather enjoy a steamy hot shower after a long day, showers are a necessity for anyone. Gerber shower faucet parts, shower heads and more make our showers run smoothly. Let’s take a look at five fun facts about the showers we know and love!


While some people are able to hop in and out of the shower within a few minutes, many others prefer to extend their shower time. In fact, on average Americans shower for 13 minutes. Many people genuinely enjoy showering because it gives them time to relax and reflect on their day. Of course, if their shower is broken and they are in need of Gerber faucet replacement parts, their shower time may be a whole lot less! It’s no fun to take a shower when the water isn’t running properly or parts are out of order.

Hair Care

Showers are important for cleansing body and hair. On average, people wash and rinse their hair 6.7 times each week. That’s a whole lot of shampoo and conditioner! Although hair care experts say it’s not good to overdo the washing, most people feel cleaner and fresher with washed hair. Gerber shower faucet parts make it possible for women, men and children to enjoy the gorgeous feeling, and smell, of freshly washed hair! The billion-dollar health and beauty industry also benefits from long shower times and frequent washes.

Thinking Time

One of the reasons why so many people take pleasure in having a shower is that they can have some uninterrupted peace and quiet. There’s no better place to prepare for the day ahead or unwind after a hectic schedule. It only makes sense that people enjoy daydreaming under the gentle, soothing spray. Studies show that 67% of people use their time in the shower to plan, reflect and set goals for themselves. Showering provides a therapeutic experience that allows you to think about the present, past and future.

Morning or Night

It’s always interesting to hear about people’s reasons for showering at the start of the day or showering before bed. Everyone has their preference and routine. However, recent statistics show that 58% of people shower in the morning. Those that do say they need to feel clean before heading to work or school. Of course, there’s also plenty of people who prefer showering after a workout or sports practice at night. It all depends on your habits and schedule!


Perhaps one of the most famous shower pastimes is hitting the high notes. 63% of people sing in the shower, so chances are either you or someone you live with enjoy humming, soft singing or even passionate musical renditions in the shower! The shower is a private place for people to sing and participate in a therapeutic release. Many people enjoy expressing themselves and relaxing by singing a tune that won’t get out of their heads!¬†Gerber shower faucet parts¬†keep your shower working perfectly, so you can sing your heart out!

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