5 Tips to Prevent Cracks in Concrete

Concrete is a long-lasting, durable material, but that doesn’t always prevent cracks from forming. Although most cracks can be repaired quickly with concrete hole filler, it’s best to prevent as much damage to your sidewalk or patio as possible. Here are 5 ways to keep your concrete in good shape.

Watch the Foundation

Most concrete cracks begin in the foundation. When the ground beneath your concrete shifts, a crack will eventually appear. Sometimes there isn’t much you can do about this. However, you can reduce the amount of shifting by keeping your soil well drained–if water continually pools in your soil, it will be constantly expanding and contracting, and this will take its toll on the concrete above. You should also be careful placing concrete around bushes or trees, since the roots can disturb the soil or even break the concrete themselves.

Install Your Concrete Correctly

Another common reason for cracked concrete is improper installation. If the concrete retains too much moisture or not enough during the curing process, it can make it easier to crack. Make sure the concrete remains at an optimal temperature and humidity level until it’s completely dry.

Be Careful in Bad Weather

Freezing temperatures can cause cracks in concrete, especially if there’s already a small crack where water can sit and expand when it freezes. Even keeping your sidewalks clear with salts or chemicals may damage them. Check to see what’s compatible with your sidewalk and do your best to keep it free of ice during the winter.

Reduce Wear and Tear

While concrete is extremely strong, it can still break under heavy loads. Try to avoid driving or parking a vehicle on your concrete–even something like a riding lawnmower may be too much weight for it. Trailer hitches and other heavy objects without much weight distribution are especially dangerous. Luckily, these types of cracks are usually easy to correct if they do happen, and with the best concrete crack repair you can fix it up to look like new.

Correct Small Cracks Quickly

If you do spot a crack in your concrete, act quickly to fix it with the best concrete crack repair in your area. Left untreated, cracks in concrete can be dangerous tripping hazards. They’re also likely to grow and become more difficult to fix. Filling up a crack quickly will prevent it from turning into a more serious problem.

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