7 Qualities of an Attractive Website

Building a website for your business is one of the most important steps to developing a reliable consumer base, establishing communications with the public, marketing yourself effectively, and attracting a steady flow of new clientele. There are so many reasons, especially in today’s digital age, of getting online, whether you’re a legal firm, credit union, or whatever it service or product you provide to the public.

However, not every site is a good one. While you can find great website plans online to establish a website for you business at an affordable price, you also need to build a quality website. Here are the 7 qualities that make a business website attractive to the public.

  1. Clean Layout – Too much busy text, a flurry of images, and moving ads can distract the eyes and even be offputting. Keep your layout simple in order to communicate clearly.
  2. Clear Language – Don’t deter the public with excessive language, overly complicated text, or too much jargon. Tell the public who you are and what you do with simple statements.
  3. Catchwords – Certain words attract the public, including words like “Sale”, “Free”, and “Now”. Use this type of language to catch the eye of website visitors, many of whom have short attention spans.
  4. Individuality – There are many businesses with websites out there. What makes yours unique? Why should the public consider you? Make your website look unique and special so you stand out from the competition.
  5. Modern Graphic Design – You may not need 3D graphics effects on your home page, but a modern graphics design makes your company look relevant, current, and cool. Modern color palates and logos are great for catching the eye, especially for a younger audience.
  6. Advertisements – Low website costs allow you to make smart choices with your money, including advertising campaigns that get people to log onto your home page in the first place. Place stickers and embed videos on your home page that advertise your products or services.
  7. Industry Appropriateness – Website plans that give you customization and site-building tools will allow you to create an industry appropriate website, or one with a tone that suits your specific business field, from medical to retail, and everything in between.

Shop online now for website plans so you can create the website of your dreams. An attractive website will make your company relevant, active, and, best of all, competitive in a busy marketplace. No matter your industry, having an attractive website is key to your success.

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