The Advantages of Owning a Walk in Bathub

As we get older, taking a bath becomes a more stressful, sometimes dangerous, excursion. You get more body aches in more places, and traditional baths don’t do enough to alleviate them. Also, getting in and out of a traditional tub can be dangerous, causing further injuries from falling, especially when wet. Fortunately, there is a better alternative. Here are 3 benefits to owning a Pat Boone walk in tub.

Superb Service

Walk in tubs offer less strain and more time to relax in the bath. More than 50 experienced and knowledgeable individuals, all American workers, work on a tub while it is being built before it gets a final cleaning and then packaged. Every tub is tested to the full extent using a rigorous 14-point quality control inspection to ensure that they meet the highest standards the industry can offer. Every part of the tub is manufactured in America, which offers the highest level of quality control. You will receive superb service and fast, efficient responses to any issues with your tub that may come up.

Rejuvenating Experience

The walk in tub is easy and safe to use with a door that opens and lets you step right in, without having to risk falling and getting injured by stepping over a taller bath tub. You won’t have to get help from loved ones, which can help keep enjoying independence. Every tub comes with a shower wand to ensure you can wash every inch of your body, and a waterproof remote control you can locate easily. The tub fills and drains quickly, and a towel bar is built onto the door so you can dry off before getting out. This will help decrease the risk of slipping on the bathroom floor due to having wet feet.

Outstanding pain relief

Pat Boone walk in bathtubs have a dual hydrotherapy system that helps alleviate symptoms from arthritis, muscle pain, and other skin issues. This is accomplished with 10 Hydro-Jets meticulously placed where you will get the best use out of them. Each jet’s speed and intensity can be adjusted to your preferred comfort level, and they can be set to target specific areas only, such as feet and legs or feet, legs, and back you can further alleviate stress by using the total solution, where aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and hydrotherapy are combined to soothe aching muscles as well as nourish skin. Additionally, a MicroSoothe air therapy system has been recently installed into all tubs. Once activated, millions of tiny bubbles enriched by oxygen circulate through the tub, creating a luxurious spa experience. Your skin will be softer than ever before.

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