Advertising with Flag Banners

There are certain things that tell people there’s something going on at a business even without text. Flag banners are a sign that there’s a special sale or event at your business. You don’t even have to have a sign that proclaims it. The banners themselves make it clear. A flag banner isn’t just an easy way to tell customers there’s an event happening. It’s also a nice way to decorate for the event.


Flag banners can have different shapes. Triangles are the most common shape but they aren’t the only one you can use. Rectangles and half circles are other popular shapes. There are also various shapes that are technically pentagons but don’t exactly look like the pentagon most people imagine when hearing the word. One looks like a rectangle with a triangle cut out of it. The other looks like a rectangle and triangle put together, reminiscent of a simple house drawing. Both of these shapes look extremely unique and interesting.


You can have a lot of fun with the designs of the flags. You could make the flags on the banner all one color or you could use multiple colors to create a pattern. Try using the colors of your business’s logo. Or, use seasonal colors. You can use orange and yellow for autumn, blues for winter, and so on. You could also opt for a colorful rainbow pattern. You can also make the pattern interesting by not changing colors with every new flag. Let’s say you’re using blue and purple. Instead of alternating between blue and purple every other flag, you can put multiple purple flags in a row and then multiple blue flags. Or, you can put multiple flags of one color and just one of the other. There are endless ideas for different patterns.


The flags on the banner don’t have to just be solid colors. Sometimes, you can get flags with designs on them like polka dots or stripes. This makes the flags look even more interesting. This can make any pattern you create even more interesting since each flag features multiple colors. You could alternate between different designs or have the colors on one half of the flags reversed from the other half.

Flag banners¬†are an interesting and extremely simple way to tell everyone there’s something special happening at your business. Even without a giant sign proclaiming there’s a sale, you can draw customers in with just the presence of the flag banner.

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