Avoid These Common Mistakes That We All Make While Drinking

There are few things that you must remember when you are drinking, so that you can avoid various pitfalls while buying a cocktail. Also, during parties or on special occasions where drinks are usually served, you must avoid such mistakes during happy hour Blaine.

Avoid putting ice cubes in Wine

Many of you must be using ice cubes with various alcoholic drinks, however there is no need for such ice, if you are taking wine. Not only your wine will get diluted but also you will lose all the fun of having wine. It is better to store it in the refrigerator to chill before drinking.

Avoid drinking on empty stomach

It is always advisable to eat certain snack item when you are drinking any alcoholic beverage. Therefore, in case you are invited to a drink party then take along few light food-stuff of your liking so that you can enjoy your eatables while drinking.

Don’t start drinking wine as soon as it is served

Your enjoyment of drinking will enhance if you drink wine slowly sip by sip. There should not be any hurry to finish your drink as soon as it has been served to you.

Eating heavy food to avoid getting drunk

Often people eat heavily and then drink so that they do not get drunk. No doubt, if your stomach is full then alcohol will not react fast. However, after sometime alcohol surely starts showing its effect.

Never leave wine bottle open

If there is left over wine in the bottle then it is better to store it in the refrigerator instead of leaving it open to avoid it from spoiling. You must any way finish your bottle in the next couple of days because wine will remain drinkable for next three days once the cork is opened.

Avoid overfilling your glass of wine

Never fill your glass to the top while pouring wine, but leave some space on the top. If you want to empty your bottle then you can rather use more than one glass to pour wine.

Avoid taking painkillers before the drink

Many people think that by taking aspirin or paracetamol, they can reduce the hangover after the drink. Unfortunately, that does not happen. It is better to take these pills the next morning to get rid of the pain.

Drinking by using straw

How quickly you finish your drink will not depend upon the kind of glass that you have chosen. As a matter of fact, any stout glass will contain more amount of alcohol as compared to drinks poured in thin and tall glasses.

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol to get drunk

If you try to make cocktail of alcohol and energy drinks which contain more caffeine and sugar then caffeine will always try to keep you alert. Therefore, you may end up consuming more amount of alcohol in order to get drunk.

Opting for dark sprits

Darker beer may have more antioxidants but they also have few toxic chemicals which can worsen the hangovers.

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