Benefits of a Live Receptionist Answering Service

When you’re running a business, it’s important that your company reflects professionalism. How a call is handled from an incoming caller leaves a lasting impression. A live call answering service can prove to be a valuable asset to your business. Learn about the benefits.

 What Is an Answering Service?

A virtual live receptionist answering service replaces the typical on-staff receptionist. An answering service handles business phone calls, customer service requests, and appointments from anywhere in the world. With an answering service, you eliminate the need for an in-house receptionist.

 Benefits of an Answering Service

Professional Image to Customers:
A virtual receptionist service is a great way to have complete control of how your calls are answered. Often, call answering services tailor fit their services to fit your small business. You are able to record an outgoing message which shows the level of professionalism you require. Your customers will be provided with a menu of options to reach certain departments. Even if each department operates on a small scale, your company will appear to be much larger when you incorporate automated menu options.

Cost Savings:
A live receptionist answering service is more cost effective in comparison to having a receptionist on staff. You can expect to pay the average receptionist over $26,000 per year in salary and that does not include holidays, sick days, or workers compensation. The process of recruiting, hiring, and training a new receptionist can cost you $4,000. A call answering service costs much less.

Calls Are Handled After-Hours:
A major benefit that small businesses must have is the ability to answer calls after hours. If you simply have an answering machine set up, it’s likely that the caller will hang up without leaving a message. With an after-hour call answering service, you can increase your revenue. Depending on your answering service provider, you can expect an average of 13 hours a day or even 24-hour service. Having a live person available to answer calls for a few extra hours can potentially increase orders placed or appointments scheduled.

Calls Are Handled Efficiently:
You may a lot of things going on in the day-to-day operation of your business. Even though you may be busy, each call needs to be answered. With a call answering service, all of your incoming calls are answered with ease. You will be provided with skilled receptionists who are appropriately trained to give your customers a satisfactory experience.

Appointments Are Scheduled Easier:
If you’re operating a business that is dependent upon appointments, then a call answering service is a great solution. They can assist you with scheduling appointments, even when you’re not at your place of business. A live receptionist answering service is a huge benefit for doctors, lawyers, salons, and dentists.

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