The Benefits of Teaching Infants to Swim

Did you know that infants can learn how to swim? Don’t worry, you’ll never have to slap goggles on your baby and set them on the edge of a diving board. Baby swim classes in Los Angeles¬†are designed to help parents guide infants as they splash and wade through water.

This may seem like adorable playtime, but there are some serious benefits of swimming with your baby.

Here are top benefits of enrolling your young one in a baby swim school today.

Improve Cognition

Babies’ minds are like sponges. They’re taking in the world around them, listening to the meaning behind all the babbling sounds you make at them, learning about the physical rules of the world, and understanding their bodies. Putting your baby into motion with cross-patterning movements, or movements that involve both sides of the body, actually helps their young brains grow and mature.

A baby who swims is more likely to grow up to become a more intelligent, developed child.

Improve Swimming Skills

This may seem obvious, but think a little harder about this one. Infants who take swim classes are more likely to be good swimmers as children, teens, and finally adults. Drowning is a major risk for children, so the more familiar a child is with swimming at a young age, the better.

Also, swimming is an incredibly beneficial exercise for heart health, maintaining a healthy weight, and muscle development. Teach your child to swim early and they’ll reap the benefits for life.

Improve Sleeping Patterns

If there’s one thing that new parents want, it’s for their babies to get some regular, peaceful rest. The more your baby rests, the more you get to rest in the meantime. Swimming is an energetic exercise and requires plenty of body movement, as well as brain stimulation. As your baby wades through water with your guidance, they learn more spatial awareness and bond with you. All of this combined mental, emotional, and physical energy takes a lot out of them.

This means sweet, sweet rest later. Sleeping is more about benefiting them than you, though. As babies sleep soundly, their bodies and minds can continue to develop.

All in all, swimming is one of the best bonding exercises to enjoy with your baby. You’ll have fun watching them explore and exercise, and seeing their learning curve develop is truly astounding. Sign up for baby swim classes in Los Angeles¬†today for a healthier, happier, and more parent-bonded child.

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