The Best Portable Vaporizer That Can Do It All

Some vaporizers might excel at heating dry herb but be a bit clunky as a result. Other kinds of vapes like pen vapes for concentrates can come for a great price and be simple to use, but trap customers in a very limited experience with the device. Some models can do dry herbs and concentrates but usually requires an additional tray to place concentrates into the chamber, and a good clean up every time concentrates are used so that herb doesn’t get stuck in the residue. Another quirk in the cannabis vaporizer market is a lack of functionality with e-liquids which are conventionally used for nicotine but with some creativity can achieve goals besides quitting smoking cigarettes. The best portable vaporizer that manages to perform well with all three of these options is easily the V2 Pro Series 3X, and here’s exactly why.

Swappable Cartridges

Instead of trying to cram all the options into one device, these guys had the genius idea to make specially designed interchangeable cartridges. Each one is specifically intended for either concentrates, dry herbs, or e-liquids. This saves you the trouble from unnecessary cleaning every time you use the vape for a different substance. It also means they were able to squeeze all the tech into a slick pen shape which 99% of people would automatically assume is a harmless nicotine vape, for a bit of bonus stealth points.

Simple Temp Settings

While you don’t get fantastic precision temp control from this device, it does come with four nicely varied pre-programmed settings. It might not be the best portable vaporizer for those that use cannabis exclusively for medicinal purposes, but this article after all is focusing on the versatility aspect. Check the instruction manual for the recommended voltage settings for different substances. The ceramic coils perform very well for such a small pen vape as well.

Magnetic Cartridges

The Cherry on top that makes this the best portable vaporizer for people that tend to enjoy all sorts of different THC mediums, is how easy it is to swap the cartridges. They could have made it a screwing and unscrewing nightmare, but they made a great decision implementing magnets. It’s never been easier to swap between your different substances on the go.

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