Bronze Switch Plates Are Perfect for Your Home

Trading out those old, plastic light switch plates is a no-brainer. But, it’s not as easy to determine what you want to replace them with. Interior decorators offer up custom order options. Big box stores have a whole aisle of goodies to choose from. But, what will be the best choice for your home or office?

Bronze is Modern Decor

While polished pewter or barn wood might be alternative options, bronze switch plates are choices that will fit with nearly any modern decor. Many homeowners are feverishly converting their homes to farmhouse chic styles. Others are embracing a more modern style that features industrial touches. From antique to modern, oiled bronze switch plates are versatile enough to add a cohesive effect to any decor you may choose.

Easily Accessible

Many custom-order options are expensive and take a long time to receive. However, bronze switch plates are pretty much available at local hardware retailers or big box stores. Several bins of bronze accessories are available, including switch plates and outlet covers. Due to the finish popularity, all sizes are easy to find. From single switch plate covers to bronze outlet wall plates, these choices are simple to find.

DIY Friendly

Because you may not be a carpenter or master electrician, it’s encouraging to know that switch plates and outlet covers are easy to install. You don’t need any special tools — just a screwdriver. All you have to do is turn a few screws and replace a couple of wires. Any do-it-yourselfer can master this upgrade.

Looks Expensive

Bronze switch plates upgrade your home with a finish that looks expensive. Homeowners are consistently looking for ways to make their homes look more extravagant. This is a simple way to add flair to your interior. Additionally, when you match up the finish for your faucets, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and other elements, it helps bring a cohesive look to your home. That, alone, makes your home look more put together and lavish.


Updates using bronze switch plates are much more affordable than other projects you might choose to take on. New flooring, light fixtures and furniture can add up quickly, taking a sincere toll on your pocket book. However, adding a few bronze wall plates here and there is an inexpensive way to bring your home’s decor together. And, because the switch plates are easily accessible from many retailers, you can shop around for the most economical options.

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