Why Your Business Needs an HP Rack Mount Server

Servers play a vital role in today’s business world because of their versatility, resilience and relative ease of maintenance. An HP rack mount server accomplishes all that and much more. If you are thinking of getting a server for your business or updating your current server system, here are some key reasons why you should sooner rather than later.


An HP rack mount server lets you manage your network resources in the most efficient manner possible. Installed into a frame known as a rack, it features multiple slots to manage hardware. A good way of thinking of it is like a spice rack where you can use or remove parts as you need them. For example, if you have a team that is working on an important but secret proposal, you can configure the rack to give them PC, print and sharing capabilities, while excluding those not on the team from seeing what they are working on. If you need to expand for a special project, rack mount server array can help you provide part of your business with the resources it needs without having to upgrade everyone.

Space Saver

Rack mount servers not only are efficient managers, they do not take up much space. One array can hold an HP blade server and any associated network resources that you need in general or for special projects. The fact they take up so little space has made them popular with ISPs, hosting companies and internal LAN/WAN configurations that span multiple departments or divisions in small, medium and large companies.


Most rack servers can fit in a smaller room or even in a cabinet in some configurations. That makes the physical security of the equipment much easier to manage. This allows for easier management of access, exposure to dirt, pests, heat and humidity. They are also much easier to move if the need arises. Because access can be controlled so easily, changes to the rack array also are able to be easily monitored and managed.

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