Car Driving Theory Test – Basics And Tips On Clearing It

Driving a car today has become a necessity more than a style statement. Thus, we all need to learn driving. Having said that, it is important that we all become a safe driver – one who is well versed with the rules of the road and safe driving. Knowing the road rules well is the part where the driving theory comes into picture. If it sounds a little intimidating then worry not. This article is going to be handy in knowing about the car driving theory and test in detail.


Types of test


There are two types of test that you have to clear in order to be a licensed driver.  First one includes multiple-choice questions and second one includes hazard perception. Both of these tests are conducted on a computer screen at a test station.


  1. Multiple-choice question test – In this section, you are required to answer 50 questions in 57 minutes. You need to answer 43 questions correctly in order to clear this test. Post this test you would be given a short break before you sit for the hazard perception test. You can book theory test for a practice session.


  1. Hazard Perception Test – In this test, you will have to watch 14 video clips of ‘everyday road scenes’ with a minimum of one developing hazard. You will need to click the mouse every time you see a hazard developing. You will have to score a minimum of 44 out of 75 to clear this test. Here is the tip for you – one of the 14 clips will feature two developing hazards while rest will develop just one. So watch out for that one clip that develops two hazards.


Types of topics to study


The secret to cracking any theory test in to study exactly what is required. Be that smart learner by understanding the types of topics required to score in the test. Here are a few of the main topics:


  1. Alertness – This category includes the topic that can check your alertness or how conscious your mind is. Since driving requires one to be very alert on the road, it is important to be very good in this category. Your car theory test will include questions that would check the alertness of your mind. Be ready for that.


  1. Safety measures in case of emergency – Any unexpected problems can occur when you are driving on the road. How will you ensure the safety of your car or co-passengers in case of emergency? Also, what would you do when your car gets some defects while being on the road? Think about such circumstances and prepare yourself well to answer questions related to them.


  1. Road traffics and signs – Undoubtedly, this is the most important thing to know. In fact, knowing about the meaning of different signs on the road is very important. Once you know this, chances are very high that you would crack the test.


Car theory test is not difficult.  You can easily clear it with the right approach.

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