Cocktails Are Entering the Brunch Scene

You may have noticed that a new food trend has taken over by storm and is inspiring people to wake up a little later. They indulge in a new mealtime called brunch. A combination of the beloved breakfast and the midday lunch, brunch gives you the best of both worlds. You breakfast in the most luxurious way by getting dressed up and going out to eat the most filling meals of chicken and waffles and eggs benedict with smoked salmon. Along with this life of excess has come a new wave of cocktails. But make no mistake in thinking that this is limited to your typical bloody mary because the brunch cocktail scene is booming in new and creative ways. If you are looking for the best craft cocktails in Alpharetta, GA, scope out a restaurant’s brunch menu and see if any of these drinks are being offered.

Mimosas Reimagined

A classic mimosa should of course always be a staple on any brunch menu, but there is certainly room for creativity. A sign of quality craft cocktails includes an eclectic take on the traditional mimosa. Whether you are adding another juice element such as cranberry or pomegranate or mixing in stronger spirits to accompany the champagne, an elegant take on your usual mimosa can be a refreshing change. Other similar drinks that feature champagne such as a Bellini, are also a good sign of a dedicated bartender.

An Ode to OJ

Orange juice may just be another mixer at other times of the day, but at brunch, it should be an element that is front and center on your cocktail menu. Think of your classic screwdriver or the ever-popular tequila sunrise. While these basic cocktails are sure sign that your restaurant pays attention to detail, if they take it a step further and play with their own combinations featuring orange juice, you may be in good hands.

Quality Coffee

Some people can’t start their day without a cup of joe, but why not indulge in this morning ritual as well? Whether it’s an Irish coffee or some original boozy cold brew, these brunch drinks are definitely groundbreaking when it comes to the cocktail scene.

Even your plane jane bloody mary can be jazzed up with elements such as tequila or bacon. The best craft cocktails in Alpharetta, GA will feature some of these drinks and more.

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