A Comprehensive Crowd Control Plan Includes Information and Engineering

As events get more chaotic and society seems to be headed to a more uncivilized expression, crowd control is more important than ever. Starting with your social media presence, you can engage people in taking charge of themselves. Strategically placed, informed employees can help people find where they are supposed to go, and engineering solutions like carpets, plastic stanchions and chains will help people understand what is going on and how to proceed.

Social Media

Keeping everyone informed about policies and procedures starts with your social media. By outlining where people are supposed to go and how the process works, you don’t have to worry about people not having the information they need. As long as it isn’t in legalese, your biggest fans will understand what they are supposed to do when they arrive.

Informed Employees

People are always going to be your most valuable resource. Having a few well-informed employees trained in deescalation in the area where the crowd is can exponentially make your event safer and more enjoyable. There will always be one or two people who don’t think the rules apply to them. There will be some who are clueless, even when you have amazing signage and announcements on repeat. Your employees can help deal with these individuals so that no one feels like they’re being taken advantage of or like someone is cheating.

The Red Carpet

The easiest tool to implement to keep people in line is a red carpet. The Academy Awards and other shows like it have sparked a social consciousness of red carpet events. Turn your event into this by laying down a red carpet, properly secured, and watch people work hard at staying on the carpet. They’ll feel like stars, and you’ll have little worry about people trying to jump the line.

Stanchions and Chains

Plastic stanchions and chains can be found in many places in America. Banks, theme parks, and the airport all use these engineered solutions for crowd control. Because they are easily recognized, and people know what they are for, they make the perfect solution for keeping people in line without much of a problem. Just be sure to have them labeled so people know where the line begins and where it ends, and you should find that people will generally follow the layout. Having enough stanchions available to expand the line is always a good idea for your event.

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