Considerations for New Build Home in Harrow

Home extension can add more space to your home and make the place more liveable. If properly done, the home extension project can increase the market value of your home and make the place even more attractive. Be that as it may, only professional builders should be considered for your home extension or new build home in Harrow. Not all the service providers around can get the job done as desired. Proper investigation before employing them will go a long way in preventing stories that touch at the end of the day.

Feasibility considerations

Before you kick-start the project on new build home in Harrow, you need to consider the home plan and its feasibility. Never forget also to consider the laws and regulations surrounding new home construction and extensions in Harrow. This way, you will not be on the wrong side of the law. Make sure you carry the local authorities along. If you do not know the particular local authority to deal with, you can be directed about this by a professional builder.

Consider cost

If you prefer just to expand the home, make sure you also consider how much to extend a house. Many of the building contractors in Harrow provide free quotes for their clients to give the client a good understanding of how much the entire project will cost before it even begins. If you give the building contract to a builder operating in your locality at Harrow, you can get the construction done at a very affordable rate; this may not be the case with builders located far away from you. You may also want to read up reviews about the contractor before handing the project to them. The reviews will tell you if the services being offered are affordable or not.

The legal considerations

Before you start a new build home in Harrow, there are several legal considerations to keep in mind. One of them is the Right to Light. If you attempt to block your neighbour’s windows and prevent light from streaking through, the neighbour has the right to prevent the construction from taking place. In such an instance, it is better to palliate the neighbour to allow the construction to take place, or change your building plan to make sure it does not breach the neighbour’s rights. Right to Light is sufficient to override any planning permission that you may already have. You can avoid all the drama by simply reasoning with your client and settling things “in-house.”

Partner with professionals

Professional valuers can give you an idea of how much to extend a house. You only need to provide them with your building plan, and they can give you a good idea of the cost implication. The professions will know the right spot to locate things like shower rooms and WC in the new home or the extension. Building Regulation agencies are usually concerned about where particular sections of the home are located on the plan. You can ease the permission and building process of the new build home in Harrow if you work with proven professionals that have been in the construction profession for a very long time. Finally, never forget site insurance for the construction project. It is better to shop for an A-rated insurer for the new building or the building extension project.

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