Create Family Memories with a Backyard Pool

One of the benefits of living in a more temperate climate is you can get a lot of mileage from a backyard pool. Your family can enjoy the use of a pool without having the hassle of driving somewhere, paying admission, and adhering to allocated time slots for their fun. The benefits of having a pool just steps from the house comes with some drawbacks as well, such as maintenance, so consider how large of a project you can commit to before you begin. A bit a pre-planning is in order before you approach an Atlanta pool builder.

Steps to Take First

Determine the primary function of your pool. Do you want dedicated lanes for lap swimming? Do you want a playscape for young children, complete with water slides and water buckets? Would you prefer a spa-like atmosphere, with natural looking rock formations and a jacuzzi? Do you envision a lot of pool parties taking place? Do you want built-in benches or special lighting? Once you’ve determined the primary function of the pool, mark the area you can dedicate to it in your yard and begin to visit various pool builders. Your budget constraints and the size of the area you have to work with will dictate whether to purchase a vinyl liner pool, a concrete/gunite pool, or a custom, one-of-a-kind design.

What to Look for in a Dealer

Do some digging before you decide on a dealer to determine how long the company has been in business. You want a reputable company who has knowledge of the soils and drainage in your area. A check on Angie’s List or Home Pro will give you insight into the company’s reputation. Use a company that can offer all shapes, sizes and materials in their construction, and one who has a reputation for honesty and integrity. Your main goal should be to work with a company with whom you can build a relationship, since you’ll need their advice, at least for a short time, on how to properly maintain the pool. Later on, you may decide to update the look with a pool renovation, so you want a company who can assist with that effort as well. Look for a company that has an affiliation with a professional organization, like Pool & Spa News (PSN) and is a top rated pool builder. These are things that need your consideration when selecting an Atlanta pool builder.

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