Decorative Wall Screens and Creating a Unique Home Decor

The key to a unique interior decor is to create a space that focuses on the details. Whether your design tastes lean towards a traditional style, or you’re more of a modern contemporary or industrial fan, the decorative touches you choose have the potential to both pull the room together and create a space that is your own.

Nooks, Retreats, and Other Spaces

Transform a larger space into a unique and interesting smaller, intimate one. Consider laser-cut, decorative wall screens or a room divider to section off an area or personal space. The precision cuts allow for light to show through and keep the space open, or you can add other elements to the panel to create a higher level of privacy.

How Laser Panels Are Made

Laser cutting is a fast, highly accurate method used for applying and cutting patterns into light-gauge metals. It is the perfect method for creating high-quality, intricate wall art and decorative wall screens. Other types of cutting methods use high heat that often results in micro-cracking damage to the material, but laser cutting operates using lower heat levels, which leaves behind a cleaner, damage-free surface.

For decorative screens and room dividers, the process generally starts with sheet metals such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, or corten steel. There is an array of patterns to choose from, but precision-cut, customized patterns are also available by some laser processing service providers who create decorative decor items.

Ideas for Adding Wall Screens

Ideal for every room in your home, decorative wall screens can be used as an architectural component, as an embellishment for a wall, or to enhance a favorite element.

  • Bathrooms: Mirrored walls reflect light, making a room appear larger and brighter. Consider adding a laser-cut wall screen on top of the mirror to enhance the design elements in the room.
  • Bedrooms: Add some privacy and transform your bedroom into a beautiful boudoir using a floor-to-ceiling laser-cut screen to section off your sleeping area.
  • Windows: Decorative wall screens aren’t just for walls and dividers. They make beautiful window treatments. The patterned cuts allow light in, but still, offer a level of privacy. Control the amount of light needed in the room through the type of pattern chosen.

Additional Uses for Wall Screens

Decorative wall screens offer endless possibilities for your home, but they are also perfect for creating outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, and other landscaping purposes.

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