Diesel Exhaust Fluid is Available in Many Places Now

One question that diesel exhaust users ask a lot is “where is there diesel exhaust fluid near me?” The answer to this question might surprise you. Since the industry adoption and standardization of selective catalytic reduction, diesel exhaust fluid is becoming more and more common. Here are a few of the places you can buy diesel exhaust fluid.

Truck Stops

Most truck stops now carry a diesel exhaust fluid pump on the fuel island. You can fill your vehicle up right there or you can fill a container up as you would gasoline for a non-vehicle purpose and take it with you. If the truck stop does not carry diesel exhaust fluid on their island, it is a common enough requirement now that you can get it at the store that accompanies every truck stop in the majority of cases. If you are able to pump it from the island, the diesel exhaust fluid price per gallon will likely be higher than if you purchased it in a separate container.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Most original equipment manufacturers now carry diesel exhaust fluid. For example, a company that sells or services diesel and alternative fuel engines will likely have diesel exhaust fluid available for purchase. In most cases, they will sell it to you even if you are not a regular customer. This also applies to most distributors of diesel engines or engine parts.

Box Stores

Most box stores carry diesel exhaust fluid, although the purchase quantity varies and might not be your best choice. In most cases, you can at least purchase it online if it is not available in a store.

Gas Stations

If your diesel vehicle is a pickup truck or car, you can usually find gas stations that will carry varying size containers of diesel exhaust fluid. The size of the containers, like the box stores, varies and will likely be more expensive, but in a pinch, it is an option.

Bulk Purchases

If you run a lot of diesel engines as part of your business, you may want to consider purchasing a storage tank and pump system so that your fleet can get their diesel exhaust fluid at your place of business. While the upfront costs are significant, over time, the savings in terms of reduced bulk purchases is worth the investment.

As it becomes more standard with diesel engines, the diesel exhaust fluid requirement is rendering the “where can I find diesel exhaust fluid near me?” question irrelevant. Not only is it readily available, in most cases, the volume you purchase is entirely up to the price point you are willing to pay.

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