Economic Facts About Innovation You Should Know

Innovation drives the future. If you’re interested in the Innovation Program and Innovation Community, then you may also find yourself fascinated by these economic facts surrounding innovation, which is defined as the action or process of creating new ideas, products and methods.

1. Better Wages

The 20th century is the perfect example of how innovation leads to economic growth and improved wages. Just think of all the inventions of the 1900s, from the automobile to air conditioners and so much more, and how these creations led to an entirely different world where people made more money. The Innovation Program is on a mission to continue improving the nation’s economy, and the world’s economy, through smart thinking and one-of-a-kind ideas.

2. Economic Growth

As you can imagine, innovation leads to sustained economic growth. The more new ideas, concepts and products that they are floating around the economy, the more jobs that are created, and the more money that is flowing in to the market. All of these factors lead to a healthier and stronger economy, which is a goal every country should strive for, the United States included.

3. Life Expectancy

Another powerful benefit of innovation is that it increases life expectancy. When you consider all of the technological and medical advancements of the past few centuries that have kept people alive longer, you’ll get a good sense of just how crucial innovation really is. Looking ahead to the future, scientists, doctors and researchers will be looking to continue medical advancements and innovation to cure certain diseases and give those with terminal illnesses another chance at life.

4. STEM Fields

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. There is a stronger push than ever before for more educational opportunities in these areas, in an effort to encourage kids to grow up and study these fields as potential careers. Innovation would not be possible without huge discoveries in STEM subjects, and it’s important that there are intelligent and innovative individuals contributing to society through these areas of study and expertise. While historically there have been far less opportunities in STEM fields for women than men, there are many organizations and programs out there nowadays destined to change this. Society needs both female and male contributors in terms of STEM subjects, as together the greatest change can be achieved. If you’re interested in learning more about STEM, and how the Innovation Program iscentred around these four pillars, it may be time for you to do some more research!

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