Some Effective Ways to Lose Weight without Going on An Extreme Dieting

Whether you are a man or a woman, you are not destined to get flabby and overweight as you move to your 40’s and beyond. With the best weight management strategies, you can easily avoid fat accumulation in your body and stay in the best shape forever.

There is good news for all overweight people who want to reduce their body weight without going on a crash diet. If you are interested in learning these lesser known facts, then read this article.

Don’t skip your breakfast

Breakfast is very important meal for every person. Eating breakfast regularly will help most of the people to lose weight. This happens because when people skip this most important meal to cut on calories, they get hungrier and eat more food at a single go.

This makes them develop higher BMI’s as compared to the ones who eat breakfast daily. So, develop a healthy habit of eating a bowl of your favorite whole-grain cereal with toppings of fresh fruit and dry fruits. It will be a nutritious and fast start to the day. Besides this, you will also get easy diet plan to lose weight online.

Don’t eat anything after 7.30

Mindless snacking as well as late night munching while watching television is one of the ways to put on a lot of weight. So, people who want to lose excess of weight from their body should avoid it. Make it a habit to not eat anything after 7: 30pm as there is not much physical activity after that time.

So, whatever you eat get accumulated in the body in the form of fat. Prefer to eat light meal at dinner time. Soups, sprouts, Greek yogurt, a bowl of your favorite salads will be the ideal dinner for overweight people.

Don’t fall into the trap of zero calorie drinks

Sweetened drinks, and carbonated beverages that are very much marketed as low-fat drinks or zero calorie drinks often cause a lot of harm to the person. In place of these drinks you can choose low-fat or skim milk, unsweetened and pure fruit juice, buttermilk, coconut water, coconut milk, green tea etc. to get nutrition without any calorie.

Reduce your meal size

By reducing the size of the meal by 10% to 20%, is a significant step towards losing weight. One of the ways by which you can reduce your food size is by using small size of plates, cups and bowls.

Consume Protein in your every meal

Protein is very essential when you are on a weight loss mission. It helps in keeping your body fuller for a longer time. That is the reason you need to consume high fiber, low fat and protein rich items in your meal.

These are oats, lean meat, yogurt, nuts, peanut butter, beans, or eggs. Consumption of protein is advised in every three to four hours.


Your lifestyle has an important impact on your health. By bringing these little yet positive changes in your diet will help to reduce your body weight effectively.

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