Everything You Need to Know About the Driving Theory Test

Passing driving test is not an easy task. Before you go for actual driving, you have to clear one obstruction. Yes, we are talking about the theory test. It’s just like your school examination. You pass certain tests and go to a higher level. You would be allowed to appear for the driving test only after clearing the theory test.

Now how to do that? Don’t worry, we have got you a help here. Before we proceed, we recommend our readers to practice well, try mock test online before appearing for the actual test, this would help you to clear the theory test UK online 2017 very easily.

When is someone eligible for the theory test?

You can proceed for the theory test only when –

  • You have the provisional driving licence.
  • Your minimum age is 17.

You can obtain the provisional driving licence once you turn 16, however, you can apply for the theory test only after your 17th birthday. It won’t be a bad idea to start preparing for your theory test before 17th birthday.

When can I expect my test call?                                                                                        

You will receive your call most probably in one or two weeks.

Where can I get the study materials?

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) used to supply books and CDs, but, now, they just publish the questions with well explanatory answers. These questions & the answers will make you understand more deeply rather than cramming and memorizing things.

What If I find the test difficult?

If this question daunts you often before appearing for the test, you can take driving lessons and tips from an experienced instructor.

How to book a test?

For that you have to contact DVSA. You can make a call at their test centres or can book your test online. You can get all the contact details from learning to driving department.

Checking test date & time

  • You can check online from the DVSA website, but you must know the number of provisional driving licence for that. You can check the date and time of the test by visiting the “Change theory test” form to get the appointment details. In case, you’re unable to check the details, you can contact DVSA department via other ways too.
  • For those who are willing to check the details via making a call, you need to contact the automated telephone service number. Give a call to 0300 200 1122.

How to change the test dates?

As mentioned earlier, test and booking management is done by DVSA. You can move to an earlier or a later date. The DVSA will check the availabilities and allow changes, if it seems convenient.

For changing the dates, you need to contact the theory test centre. You have to provide at least 3 clear working days notice. Public holidays & Sundays are excluded.  If you’re unable to make it on time, you will have to cancel your test and needs to repay and reschedule the test.

What are the timings for booking the theory test?

Anytime between 8.00am – 4:00pm.

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