Why Feather Flags Are Effective

There are many different ways to advertise your business. Putting ads in newspapers, on billboards, on websites, on television, and on the radio definitely helps draw customers in. But, many business owners overlook feather flags. Advertising with flags is easy and effective. Advertising flags can bring people in on impulse, something other types of advertising don’t do nearly as well. What makes advertising flags so effective, especially when you’re trying to draw people in on impulse?


The placement of feather flags is one of the reasons they work so well. They’re right on the side of the road, so they’re easy to see. And, while other ads are easily ignored by turning a page or changing a station, drivers have to keep their focus on what’s outside their windshield. This makes advertising flags harder to miss. And, it’s much easier to get someone to enter your business on a whim when they’re already right near it, which they will be if they can see your flag.


The shape of the flag also helps make it more effective. The interesting curved of a feather flag can help draw in attention. And, the curve keeps most of the flag in place while allowing part of it to move. Movement naturally grabs people’s attention.


Bright colors also command attention. They pop out from the background. Look outside the nearest window and the brightest object you can see will probably get your attention before other objects do. This is because bright colors are important. In nature, they scream out that something is dangerous. Students mark the most important things to learn in neon highlighters.


When people see words, they try to read them. It’s almost an automatic thing. But, since their attention is usually on the road ahead, the words on the flag have to be simple enough to be read at a glance. Usually, there’s only one word on an advertising flag. Sometimes, there will be two words if something important can’t be read in one. But, it’s usually as simple as possible so it’s as easy to read as possible.

Never underestimate how effective feather flags can be. They’re simple little flags but they draw attention and convey information extremely well. A feather flag will sit on the side of the road near your business, partially flapping in the wind, covered in bright colors, proclaiming that there’s something going on at your place of business. And, some of the people who see the flag will be so intrigued they can’t help but stop in.

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