Feel the Adrenaline Rush in your Body When Shooting from AR 15

Many people love to collect guns as their hobby. One of the most popular weapons that people own is the AR 15. This is a semi automatic rifle generally used by the army or the military. Many civilians use these as a sporting rifle.

Overview of the AR 15

AR 15 rifles are sometimes known as assault rifles. These are lightweight as they are made of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. Shooting with any rifle can be an intimidating experience. If you are a beginner, then you might be interested in the history of these rifles and why they are a popular choice amongst people. AR 15 rifles were developed in the 1950’s for military purposes. AR stands for ArmaLite, but people often confuse the initials for automatic or assault rifle.

In 1959, the design was bought by Colt. In the early 60’s US military chose to work with Colt to design army rifles for the US troops for the Vietnam War. These rifles were known as M 16. Colt started building up on the production of their rifles which they later names AR 15 to the public. When the patents of Colt expired, other manufacturers started manufacturing similar models.

If you live in Dallas, Texas you can even opt for custom rifles. You might come across custom assault rifle Dallas stores that specialize in AR 15 and can help you to replace parts and accessories.

AR 15 is just not a Weapon

Any gun enthusiast will argue on this fact, that a gun which they own is merely not a weapon. Many people feel that it is a symbol of freedom, pride and joy. Some of the benefits of owning an AR 15 rifle include:

  • It is easy to shoot and accurate
  • It makes a good home defense weapon
  • It is a good weapon for hunting and sports
  • It has a light and low recoil, making it ideal for training purposes
  • You can easily customize these rifles as most of their parts and easily available

Dallas is quite popular for its ranches and where there are cattle, wild animals are sure to be around. Coyotes and wolves might attack cattle and an AR 15 is a good tool to keep them at bay.

Why Should Men have All the Fun

If you thought that women might not be interested in using a rifle, then you might need to get a reality check. Many women have entered competitive shooting games and have won a lot of laurels for their country.

Women find AR 15 an ideal weapon when it comes to practicing targets. The smaller frame of the weapon makes it easier to grip and aim accurately. It comes with reduced recoil, thereby keeping the impact after shooting from hitting the shoulder or the face. AR 15 is also known to be versatile since it can be used for a variety of purposes.


AR 15 needs to be handled with care. You can even opt for making your own AR 15, provided you have the right parts, license and a background check by your country laws.

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