Finding Tough Nylon Dog Toys for Your Best Friend

If you’re like most dog owners, you have a plethora of toys: some for chewing, some for pulling, even some for helping clean their teeth. But if you’re also like a lot of dog owners, you’ve seen more than your fair share of dog toys get destroyed quickly; some almost as quickly as you’ve given them to them. But take heart – there are toys on the market that are tough and long-lasting. You just have to know what to search for and where to look.

Nylon Toys Are Tough Toys

You’ve no doubt heard of Nylabones™; maybe you’ve even given them to your dog to chew on. If so, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve seemed to last for a long time; they also seem practically indestructible. That’s because they’re made from nylon, a completely safe synthetic fiber that is used to make not just Nylabones, but all kinds of other dog toys designed and manufactured to endure the rough and tough play and tremendous jaw strength of even the most powerful of chewers.

There’s nothing more frustrating than to spend good money on dog toys only to have them destroyed almost right out of the package. That’s why tough nylon dog toys are so wonderful. You can feel like you’re actually getting your money’s worth.

What Kind of Toys Are Made from Nylon?

It’s not just the Nylabones that are made from nylon and are, therefore, longer-lasting than so many others. You can find all kinds of tough, yet safe, nylon dog toys on the market today. There are antlers that come in a variety of flavors, including chicken, liver and peanut butter. They are not the real antlers like those which come from elk or deer. These have been inspired by those, but because they’re made from nylon, they may last longer, but they won’t break, leaving you with bone fragments and your dog with possible chipped or broken teeth. This safer alternative allows your dog to still exercise some of its natural instinct but without hurting themselves or their teeth in the process. There are nylon ropes and nylon Frisbees™, bones and rings, and other nylon toys designed for either chewing or fetching.

Where Can Nylon Dog Toys Be Found?

Nylon dog toys are easy to find. Just go to any pet store or other place that sells pet products; or if you prefer to shop online, search for nylon dog toys.

As with any dog toys, you’ll want to periodically wash them to keep them clean, especially if your dog plays outside with it’s toys. And, even though they’re considered, or maybe even labeled tough nylon dog toys, you’ll want to check them from time to time to make sure they’re still in good condition; and replace them when they get to the point where they could be unsafe.

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