Fly Your Flag Proudly

Every business owner knows it’s not enough to offer great service or to stock your establishment with the finest goods if you have no foot traffic. Marketing your business effectively has always been a challenge, and now more than ever. With the influx of social media, you need an appealing website as part of your marketing message, but that’s just the start. Your advertising choices beyond a basic website include newspaper, radio, television, billboards, direct mail, email blasts, and more. Where can you get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars? If you have a storefront, the answer may surprise you. The National Association of Advertisers has concluded that on-premises signage beat out every other form of advertising by a wide margin. One of the most popular forms of on-site signage is a feather flag that is customized to your business message and can be positioned at street level. Here are some of the benefits of using a custom flag:

Why Use a Feather Flag

  • Feather flags are versatile, two-sided designs that are always open to display your message. Unlike a conventional flag, a feather flag only needs a slight breeze to flutter and wave.
  • Because of their graceful feather shape, they are capable of displaying your custom message on both sides.
  • The flags are at eye-level, to attract both foot traffic and automobile traffic. In fact, on-site signage can increase your foot traffic by up to fifty percent.
  • You can order your flag from the in-stock available flags or work with an in-house designer to create your truly custom look to make your brand stand out.
  • The flags are high quality, made for long-term outdoor use, and made in the United States.

How to Use a Feather Flag

Your feather flag kit comes in four pieces–a ground spike which anchors it into the ground, a two-piece pole, and the flag itself. Assemble the pole, feed the flag onto it, attach the pole to the ground spike, and you’re set to attract customers. The flags can be changed out to reflect sales, holidays, or special events. If you wish to use the flag indoors at a conference or other event, simply switch out the anchor spike for a weighted donut and you’re ready to show off your custom design. These are but a few ways to use your custom flag.

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