Four Tips for Enrolling in the Ticket to Work Program

Are you currently receiving social security aid, but looking for more employment benefits? One of the best programs to enroll yourself in this spring is the SSA Ticket to Work. Getting started can be a little confusing, so here are a few tips you should start following to begin enrollment today.

Speak to Your Doctor

Before enrolling in the program, you should first speak to your doctor. If you’re disabled, they’ll be able to tell you more about the program, especially if you’re unemployed due to your condition. However, they’ll also be able to offer you additional options for supplementing your income and receiving benefits. Once you’ve spoken to your doctor about signing up for the program, you should begin the enrollment process online to be considered for the SSA Ticket to Work program.

Sign Up Online

Fortunately, the SSA Ticket to Work program is incredibly easy to sign up for, in fact, you can do it right from your laptop! The sign-up process shouldn’t take you much time, and mainly includes general information about yourself, as well as your qualifying condition. Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s time to play the waiting game.

Wait for an Acceptance Notification

Although waiting around for your Ticket to Work application to be approved can feel nail-biting, it should only remain in pending for a few days to a week. Usually, the SSA is relatively quick for approving applicants for this program, and you can finally (soon) take advantage of your employment perks. However, it’s best to be patient in the meantime; you’ll only get so far repeatedly calling the SSA office every day.

Start Taking Advantage of Benefits

Once your SSA Ticket to Work program application is approved, you can start taking advantage of your new work benefits. Although you should first read up on the guidelines for using these perks, an SSA support member can give you all the help you need understanding how to begin using your benefits.

The SSA Ticket to Work is a great program to begin taking advantage of today. Hopefully, by following the recommended tips above, you should have an easier time taking advantage of your newly found benefits today. However, from speaking to your doctor about the program to completing the necessary paperwork, there’s a lot of work for you to do. To get started, consider researching the SSA Ticket to Work program and figure out your first step towards your approval in the program.

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