Getting the Perfect Website at a Bargain

Your company website is your storefront to the world. A website allows potential customers to come inside and look and learn about what your company has to offer. Therefore, your website needs to have a professional and inviting look. It’s not just the words, but all the graphic elements and website functions that leave a positive impression.

For most small businesses, they cannot afford to hire a team of designers, photographers, and website programmers to develop the perfect website. This is where professional web design resellers can help you build a great website at a very affordable price.

Template Websites

When a web design company pitches a new client, they develop several different versions of possible websites for the client to choose from. The client needs only one website design. So, what does the web design company do with the other website designs? They sell them through a web design reseller.

At a web design reseller website, you can view thousands up thousands of templated websites. Once you select a design, the web design reseller even has technical people that will help you get the website online. With a template website, all you need to do is type in the text of the website. You don’t need to have design knowledge, add photos, or need technical website expertise. All the tools are there for you to create a website. You won’t be able to change the design or photography, but you have a turnkey solution to building a professional, attractive looking website.

Selecting the Best Template

A template should appeal to your customer base. If you’re selling fishing supplies, the template should have lots of pictures of fish and lakes and streams. If you’re selling sail boats, the template should have lots of ocean or lake scene. Before purchasing a template, do a little messaging and writing. What do you want the website to say about your company? What will entice customers to buy from you? With a template website, you are locked into the spacing and word count of the template. Once you write up your message points and website copy, will it fit within the respective pages with a little editing?

Web Hosting Package and Website Domain

You will be required to find a company to host the website. This is the place that all your website files are stored. You can find lots of web hosting companies online. You can buy hosting plans for up to an entire year or pay month to month. You will also be required to purchase a website domain. You can purchase domains through website domain companies that will register your web address. This is all separate from the professional web design resellers from whom you purchase the template.

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