Getting Started on Fire Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up after a home fire feels overwhelming.  If the cleanup and restoration is postponed, the destruction to the home can become even worse.  While it may seem like too much, if you wait longer to repair the damage, you may find you have more repairs and a larger repair bill.  When you contact a fire damage restoration contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY, right away, you can avoid long-term issues and more costly repairs.

 Do Some Small Cleaning On Your Own

There are some small tasks you can do right away to help minimize the damage. Make sure you can safely access your home.  If there is no safe access, wait for a professional service to start the cleanup.  If you are able to enter the house, wear protective equipment such as heavy work gloves, long sleeves and long pants, and a mask.

  • Open all the windows and air out the house as much as possible.
  • Clean all surfaces (including inside cabinets and drawers) with soap and water.
  • Wash all items that can be machine washed with an alkaline cleaner.  Remember that you may have to wash items more than once.  Delicate items can be sent for dry cleaning.

Contact a Restoration Service

A good fires restoration contraction will assess the damage, estimate overall costs, and start the cleanup. While you may want to start the cleanup on your own, remember it is very important to consult a restoration service who has special training in this kind of work.   Many will walk you through the following steps to work through the initial fire cleanup:

  • Try to save as many of your personal belongings  as they can.
  • Document damage and losses using both pictures and written descriptions.
  • After restoration is complete, return any salvageable furniture to you.
  • Help you get back into your home as soon as possible.

Your best approach will be to go through your home insurance company for referrals, or to do a background check if you choose a service on your own.  Make sure the service is licensed and insured.

A home fire of any size can be devastating and disorienting.  Delays in the cleanup process may lead to additional damage down the road, so do what you can right away.  Take care of the small tasks and as soon as possible, contact a fire damage restoration service in Saratoga Springs, NY, or your local area to handle the rest of the cleanup.

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