Grease interceptor repair and drain inspection

Grease trap inceptors get rid of grease and oil from your waste water. Grease trap interceptors are generally used in the food industry. Without grease trap interceptors oil and grease would stay in waste water. Damaging blockages would backup your sinks and drains.

Do you own a restaurant or other food business service? Your grease trap interceptors need regular maintenance and repair. Neglecting your grease interceptors repair can outcome in frequent plumbing and drain issue. Save your drains with our grease trap interceptor service.

Installation and repair of grease interceptor

While installing a grease tank below or above ground level does take energy and time, there are other items to consider, which can add receiving approval from various authorities. Other items can contain:

  • Modifying venting and drainage to job with the modern grease trap
  • Installation of two backflow prevention gadgets
  • Installation of basket strainers, basket traps, or solid basket traps

Although each property is special in terms of full layouts, we are capable to install a number of different kinds of grease taps. Some grease traps that have been installed are below ground level, and other grease traps are above level and placed behind kitchen walls. Whatever the condition may be, experts at Sewer surgeons keeps customers up to date on work that is performed.

Whether a business owner picks to hire the Sewer surgeons team, it is vital to note that it is very important to have an experienced plumber to address grease trap needs. Reasons for having a professionals plumber are as follows:

  • A plumber who does not know the regulations and rules concerning grease trap installation can simply install a grease trap incorrectly. It is vital to note that such a unit cannot become operational unit an inspector has verified it. A firm can lose 1000 of dollars as well as further costs because of grease trap that was not installed rightly.
  • An inexperienced plumber may have a advice of a grease trap unit that can be okay for a facility. Anyway, the advised unit may not be the top fit in terms of price, size, or quality. A little change can lead to savings over the years and help the base line of a business.
  • A grease trap that is the bad size and fit can prove to be disastrous. When a wrong unit is installed, it may have to be changed at the worse time possible. A right unit could have been installed for a few 1000 dollars more. Perhaps the advantages of a more costly unit were not discussed before installation start.

If you presently have a grease interceptor repair that was installed improperly by a different firm, our team can change it if required. We may also change equipment that does not meet the needed code. If you want to reject problems like this is in the future, believe the experienced professionals from Sewer Surgeons. We know how to do the work right the first time for businesses in the Newton, NJ.

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