Why You Should Hire Professional Painters

Painting the exterior of your home is one of the best investments you can make. If you’re selling your home, it creates more value than most other home improvement projects. If you aren’t considering selling, a new paint job protects your home from the weather, including the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and rainstorms. However, there are several reasons why hiring a company that provides residential painters in Atlanta is better than doing it yourself, with or without the help of family and friends.

Time Considerations

Nothing is more precious than your time. You can’t save it, you can’t spend it. It continues to move forward regardless what you’re doing. The time you spend painting your home could be better spent building bonds with friends and family or working on your next project. A professional team will not only free up the time you would’ve spent on painting, they will also get it done quicker than you could. After all, they have the tools and expertise to make the work shorter.

Guarantees and Warranties

Any good painting company will provide a guarantee of work done. Improperly applied paint can peel, bubble and warp. This is less likely when hiring a company to do the painting, but if it happens, you have someone you can call to fix it. Even better, professional painters know how to apply the paint so that you can keep the paint’s warranty valid if there is any problem related to its composition.

Licensing, Insurance and Bonding

Professional painters in Atlanta¬†should be licensed, insured and bonded. Licensing helps you to know that the crew has met a minimum amount of training and qualifications. Sometimes, painters will be certified by paint companies as well. It’s not a guarantee of good work, but it makes it far more likely. Painting a home has a number of inherent risks. Falling from a ladder can result in a trip to the hospital and expenditures you don’t need. If you do the job yourself or hire a company without its own insurance, you, or your homeowner’s insurance, could be on the hook for the charges and workman’s comp! Bonding protects you and your neighbors from damage or theft that the company’s employees may be responsible for. Considering all of the benefits of hiring a professional painting company for the job, there’s no good reason to paint your home yourself.

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