Important Things One Should know About Getting Liquor License in Florida

If you have a restaurant and want to sell liquor in Florida then you must have a valid license for that. If you own a restaurant for food and beverages and want to include even liquor then you need to have a special license for that. In Florida, you need some paper documents to apply for the license. There are different types of license that completely depends upon the business you have. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages in Florida then you have to check whether that place is authorized to sell alcoholic drinks or not. You need an approval on zonal level and you can attach the same with your license application.

There are many things that you need to take care of while applying for license so it is possible that due to incomplete documents it can be rejected. There is nothing to worry about this as you can seek help from specialists. There are professionals who can help you in applying for liquor license. You must consult a reputable specialist because he has experience in applying for license so he can help you in documentation. For ​Florida Liquor License Application, ​you need to fulfil some requirements.

Types of License

  • Quota License – ​If you want to serve only liquor at your restaurant then you needthe quota license. You can win this license through lottery. As the population increases the number of licenses increases too.
  • SRX License – ​If you are earning fifty one percent of the amount from the liquor thenyou can apply for special restaurant license. If you fail to generate the revenue of 51% from food and drinks then you may have to go for quota license.

Depending upon the license you are applying the license fees ranges from $28 to $1080.

Procedure to Apply for License

  • The very first thing is that you need to get the approval whether you can sell alcoholic beverages at that place.
  • You must get a recognised certificate from division of hotels for safety and sanitisation.
  • You have to attach the moral character form along with application to show that you do not have any criminal background.
  • Make sure to collect the social security number for the person who will be on the application for Liquor License in Florida.
  • To apply for the license, make sure that your business is completely registered with Florida. You will need to provide an employee identification number to get license.
  • You need to go for fingerprints. Florida will be in touch with the PearsonVue for the fingerprints. Make sure that you receive the receipt from the PearsonVue and get the copy of the same.
  • After that you have to fill out the form for all the business partners who are involved in your business.
  • After this you have to mail the application to ABT Licensing Office, Florida. For any assistance you can also reach out to the Customer service.

It is advised to consider these points to apply for the Liquor license.

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