Indications Your Child Needs Dental Care As Soon As Possible

Dental health is crucial for health and well-being of your child. Regular check-up is an important aspect to make sure that your children maintain healthy oral hygiene, especially from the time they grow their milk teeth. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a need for immediate checkup in between as kids are vulnerable to a variety of dental problems. Dental issues in childhood can affect underlying adult teeth.

Parents need to check inside the child’s mouth regularly. Parents need to actively help their child, when they brush and floss. Children under 7 years hardly have sufficient dexterity to properly brush and floss but parents can supervise their brushing and flossing activities.

The signs and symptoms that indicate your child needs re-visit to Martindale Dental clinic besides regular checkups for instant dental care are given below.


Toothache means range of dental issues. In case of infants, it can be tooth decay due to baby bottle. Actually, baby’s teeth are constantly in contact with sugar from milk, fruit juice, and baby food. This can cause bacteria formation inside the mouth. Call the dental clinic and have your child examined immediately, so that the child gets relieved from pain or toothache.

White or brown spots on teeth

In case, you see chalky, white spots on your kid’s teeth then it is a sign that cavity is starting to develop within the teeth. If you see tooth turning black or brown or is broken then schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible. Tooth decay progresses very fast, so the moment you identify discoloration it is crucial to have teeth examined and

Irritated gums

Never ignore a child’s complains about gums hurting after brushing or you see their gums all swollen up and red or even bleeding. Irritated gums can be symptoms of gingivitis, so have the kid’s teeth examined for treatment.

Hot or cold sensitivity

If enjoying a cool ice cream or a glass of hot chocolate cause’s pain in the teeth then it is a signal that your kid has started to get dental caries, so schedule dentist appointment.

Loose or wiggly teeth

Your infant grows into a child and their baby teeth begin to fall and permanent teeth erupt in its place. Loosing milk teeth is part of growing up, which occurs between 6 to 12 years. Nonetheless, if permanent tooth becomes loose or wiggly or gets traumatised due to bumps or hits then call your dentist to book an appointment.

Lip sucking

Lip sucking can cause teeth misalignment. If you child is lip sucking repeatedly then take them to your dentist. Early counselling and conditioning can help fix this issue.

Issues with permanent teeth

Several children never lose some of their milk tooth even after permanent tooth erupts though their gums. The permanent tooth forces the baby tooth to fall out. This can be the reason for developing a very crooked or misaligned teeth. The dentist will checkup and evaluate the child’s condition. He/she may recommend to take your child to see an orthodontist.

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