Information Technology Outsourcing Explained

Operating a business can be difficult at times. So many decisions, staffing, overhead costs, return on investment, confusing right? If you are the owner of an established business looking to decrease costs or if you are seeking to start a new business and don’t have the capital to invest in staffing on a company-wide level, you may be looking for alternative solutions to staffing woes. It can be hard to deal with the downside to the enhanced customer service of the full-time staff of the increase in overhead as a result. But don’t worry; IT outsourcing can help you to find the middle ground you need.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring staff to fulfill the functions of a department role like IT support, from outside of your company. Employment of subcontractors rather than company staff can give you an increased capital because you will have decreased expenses of maintaining the people who work for you because they are employees of the company you choose to provide that service, and assigned to work for your organization as part of their job. This type of staffing has the added benefit of allowing you as a business owner to concentrate resources and efforts where they are needed most. If you outsource the bulk of your administrative staffing such as information t­echnology and customer service support, then you can focus on providing the products or services that set your organization apart.

Trusted Partnerships

The importance of creating a positive partnership with your customers no matter what service you provide is paramount. Just like you as a business owner seeking to foster a relationship with your patrons, Atlanta IT support would like to create a partnership with you. With predictable costs, relevant knowledge, proven methods, and world-class quality, we want to help you achieve your business goals on whatever scale you choose. Our organization has the latest tools and techniques to handle all of your managed information technology needs. Managed technology needs include data storage, server management, technical support for mobile and network devices and more.

The customer is always right if you are tired of dealing with constant unplanned surprises, unresponsiveness, or problems that never actually get solved, our experienced team can help! Our services are completely customizable; we understand that each business has unique challenges and needs an outsourcing partner who is willing to grow and change with them. Atlanta IT support is proud to offer high-quality service to everyone, and we hope you will be our next partner.

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