Know Why Rose Gold Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands are Becoming More Popular

Engagement rings and wedding bands always hold a special place in every wedded person’s heart.  The newly bonded couple would love to have an exclusive ring and band to mark their bond has a special and unique relationship. The love binding jewellery needs to be everlasting, trendy as well as elegant. The rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands is the perfect choice as it is classic and gives a romantic touch. From 18th century in Russia this kind of metal has been popularly used to make jewel ornaments.

As it is a not popular mode of making rings in India compare to gold rings thus soon to be engaged couple need to know more about the love binding jewel accessories. Hence, noting few informative lines about rose gold and its unique qualities.

What is Rose gold?

It isn’t a pure metal which exists in nature. Rose gold is a combination of two metals gold and copper. The new metal formed contains seventy-five percentage of gold and twenty-five percentage of copper. If a customer prefers to have more of the rosy appearance, then the proportions of copper is increased while forming the metal.

Sometimes to reduce the pink shine less proportions of silver is added in the rose alloy metal to make wedding rings. They are trendy compared to gold rings design.

What is the uniqueness in Rose gold metal?

  • The metal reflects the physical appearance of both the metals. It is rosy and shiny in appearance.
  • It enhances the elegant look of gem stones embedded on it. Moreover, the alloy of gold and copper suits every kind of skin tone.
  • The newly formed metal is quite durable. The valuable gold metal is soft in nature, thus gets damaged easily. The addition of copper components in the making of the metal increases strength, thus the metal is strong enough to last many years.
  • The tarnish look of the alloyed metal after many years of use, gives a vintage appearance to the rings. The other precious metals used in pure form to make rings, often loses its lustre after few years.
  • The rings composed by using this metal are affordable and stylish. Even a lower level diamond will shine more when embedded in this dark coloured alloy metal. Hence at reasonable price, you can have your desired rings without fearing about the rings losing shining and durability.

Karat of Rose Gold:

  • 22K: This is the highest value in Rose Gold as the alloy has maximum proportions of gold in it. The gold present is 91.6% mixed with copper and silver.
  • 18K: Mostly used to make wedding bands. The gold present in the shining alloy is 75%, the rest can be silver, copper and zinc present in lower proportions.

There are 14K, 10K and 9K karat in rose gold ring for women as well as for men, however not much preferred as the proportions of gold is considerably less even though it is a lot cheaper.

To know more about the best suitable rose stylish gold ring for men, visit websites of popular jewellers.

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