Learn the Best Kinds of Aquarium Filters and their Features

Everyone wants to keep pets at home, but there are very limited people who know how to manage their routine. Dogs and acts aren’t that easy to take care of. Their vaccination, food habits, regular health checkup, physical exercise, training and everyday walk is not something that everyone can manage. Hence, some people just dream to keep pets rather than doing it in real. However, it is not the same with fish. Fish is the most convenient pet a family can have.

With different shapes and size of aquarium available in the market, you can choose one that suits your room or living area. Fish as pets aren’t creepy, they don’t scratch, bite or disturb you. Just feed them with food once or twice a day and clean 25% of water in the tank every month. The most silent pet that not only comes in different shapes, sizes and color, but can also be kept as many as possible.

However, simply buying and dumping them in aquarium doesn’t make you a good owner. You need to maintain the water tank. Hence, you need special equipment to keep water filtered and clean. This will reduce the amount of ammonia and nitrate that can kill fish. It is a myth that expensive items work the best, rather simply hunt various fish store that provides different types of equipment and learn a lot about various brands from them.

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Here are some of the filters that we are talking about –

  • Power filters are hung behind the aquarium on the edge. It uses disposable cartridge.
  • Internal filters are meant for smaller fish tanks because they are kept within the aquarium that helps in water development.
  • Canister filters are meant for bigger aquariums or the ones that contain too many fish. Since they are huge in size, they are either placed under the aquarium or in a cabinet.

Here is the best way to maintain a filter –

  • Ensure that the pump chamber is immersed in water otherwise it draws air and doesn’t work properly.
  • Read the instruction to know how much should be the water level for your filter to work properly.
  • Ensure that no hindrance like bubble or rocks go up to the main tube, this can stop the functioning of filter and it will make rattling sound.
  • Gravel is better than sand because sand is minute particle which can get in between impeller and that can stop its functioning. If you still want to add sand to aquarium, then use a net as a strainer that will stop it from entering.

Fish creates waste which is ammonia. Ammonia comes in contact with nitrifying bacteria that converts it into nitrite. Thus, it is necessary to maintain proper cleanliness.

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