List of Popular Cannabis Indica Strains – Make an Informed Decision

Cannabis indicas and sativas are two major families that cover the overall weed industry. Indica strains make you feel relaxed, hungry, chilled out and sleepy. Sativas ability is to stimulate your mind, improve creativity and productivity. Fan looking for late night stress and relaxation can enjoy cannabis-indica strain at night. However, if you don’t wish your energy level to suffer during day than choose sativa-dominant hybrid in the morning.

List of popular cannabis-indica strains

This list will help to make an educated decision, when you visit an online dispensary the next time.

Northern lights

  • Pure-indica strain, which is popular for its capability to flower rapidly and produce plenty of resin.
  • Its parents are Thai and Afghani landrace strains.
  • Its aroma is sweet and spicy with hints of pine.

Big Bud

  • Delivers big beautiful yields.
  • Aroma is earthy and melts the stress away placing you on the clouds.

Hash Plant

  • Popular for highly resinous dense buds that instantly hit very hard.
  • Genetics passed from Northern Lights and Afghani.
  • Hash plan is used to produce extracts.
  • Spicy and pungent aroma to expect from this strain.

Purple OG Kush

  • Got its grape and berry flavor with piney earthiness from Purple Kush and OG Kush.
  • Packed with hazey punch, so better left for nighttime!

God Bud

  • God Bud is descendant of Purple Skunk and Hawaiian strains.
  • Sweet and berry taste with hint of lavender aroma that originates from compact purple buds.

Sensi Star

  • Received a spot-on List of High Ties Cannabis Cups many times.
  • Aroma is light, flowery and citrusy making it an appetizing strain for every cannabis smoker.

Hindu Kush

  • Hashmakers prize this highly resinous strain.
  • It reveals sweet earthy notes.
  • Ideal for delivering total body relaxation.


  • Pure and simple legendary strain.
  • In 2000, Blueberry won the cup.
  • Its blue berry aroma and purple hues make it a cannabis type for connoisseurs.

Grape Ape

  • Tokers with sweet tooth adore the profound grape aroma and sugary taste of this strain.
  • It delivers punch as its genes come from Afghani, Skunk and Mendocino Purps.

Purple Urkle

  • Genetically, Purple Urkle is believed to be similar to Grape Ape.
  • Its grape like fragrance gives you an idea of how closely both strains are related.
  • Effects are instant and preferred to be used prior bed time to quell anxiety and insomnia.

Blue Cheese

  • Parents of Blue Cheese are Blueberry and Cheese
  • Aromas are unmistakable berries and cheese.


  • Afghani and Maui Haze gave birth to Afgoo.
  • Earthy flavors and mild uplifting cerebral effects locks you to the couch.

Purple Kush

  • Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush crossbreeding gave a wonderful strain Purple Kush.
  • Earthiness aroma with hint of sweet grape.

Afghan Kush

  • Oldest pure-indica strain with roots tracing centuries ago.
  • Its dense resinous buds attract tokers and hashmakers, alike.

Critical Mass

  • Buds are extremely dense and large.
  • Born from breeding Skunk #1 and Afghani strain.
  • Reveals sweet and earthy fragrance.

You can buy weed online conveniently but make sure to read the menu on the specific licensed e-dispensary. Make sure your favorite is on the list!

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