Why Logos Are So Important to Products and Companies?

Every once and a while, a debate about the importance of a logo becomes a front and center debate. This usually happens when a public entity spends a “fortune” to have a logo designed that leaves everyone scratching their heads regarding what the logo is supposed to convey and why it cost so much to design. Logos and logo design services, however, are extremely important; here is why.

Brand Recognition

Virtually everyone recognizes the Nike swoosh. The Golden Arches are known everywhere. Apple’s logo is internationally recognizable almost immediately. Those logos help set the expectations of a customer and position a company or product in the market. If Nike inverted their swoosh, McDonald’s adopted a Times New Roman M or Apple became an orange, for instance, customers everywhere would scratch their heads and wonder who has lost their mind in each company’s logo designs services departments. As they are, each logo instantly relates to the customer a brand and company they know.

Product Characteristics

Logos also relay to the customer the product being sold. For the vast majority of us, the Golden Arches do not represent salad; they represent affordable, fast and delicious, if not exactly healthy, burgers and fries. When a consumer sees the swoosh, no one thinks about work boots; they think about sports shoes that help you run faster and defy gravity. Logos serve as a reminder that behind the logo is a brand, product or name you can trust.

Building Loyalty

The key to a logo design services’ branding strategy is whether it builds a loyalty in a customer. Logos help define and build that loyalty. Apple users do not just view the Apple logo as a signifier of who made the product. For them, the Apple stands for the product the company and why they chose Apple products over all the competition. You may find, for example, a non-Apple enthusiast who has a single Apple product. You rarely will find an Apple enthusiast that has any electronic devices made by another manufacturer.

Emotional Attachment

Sports teams are great examples of this. Philadelphia Eagles’ fans, for instance, have a visceral response when talking about their favorite NFL team. Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans have the same thing about their respective baseball clubs. The fan loyalty is to the organization and the response is very emotional. That is partly why every major sporting event now seems to have at least one “tug at the heartstrings” story attached to it.

It might seem like a waste of money to spend a lot on logo designs services. As seen with these examples, however, when done properly, logos are powerful advertising mediums in and of their own right.

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