Few Low-Cost New Business Concepts for Memphis City

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee that has grabbed the 10th annual ranking out of the topmost 20 cities to begin a business. There are several reasons to choose Memphis for starting a business.

  • Industrial and commercial loans per capita is high – $491.54
  • Low cost of living in comparison to 50 largest cities
  • Geographical location contributes plenty of business opportunities. Memphis is situated on Mississippi River. Five major railroads intersect here and there are two interstate highways.
  • Hosts festivals, which attract foreign tourists.

These are some of the key reasons, you can choose to launch your business or even open a franchise in Memphis. To get updated about the community events and local business then click here.

Few low-cost business concepts for Memphis city

Fitness center

Today, everyone is a fitness freak because the awareness regarding health is escalating. Everybody desires to look smart and fabulous. You can launch a fitness center planning workout with or without equipment. Partner with a nutritionist, so as to design diet plan for your clients. Little investment is required but if your services are top-notch then you can gain an edge quickly.

Used appliance shop

There are people who need to sell their appliance because of many reasons like moving to another country or bought a new one. On the other hand, there are those who cannot buy new appliances. A used appliance shop has plenty of potential to operate profitably.

You can start a store to buy and sell used appliances. Little investment is necessary in the start but generally with increase in customers your investments gets recovered. Make sure to be honest and professional to build a good reputation.

Car wash service

Today, each house has car representing every member of the family. Obviously, you will need some investment to start car wash business but it has propensity to bring in good profit. There are many cars that need washing, people need to wait for their turn, especially when you offer excellent services. It will allow to grab your competitor’s customers, as well.

Amusement arcade

With plenty of creativity and capacity, you can set an amusement arcade. Entertainment is crucial part of a society. It can be a usual place with bowling, billiards and darts. The arrangement and options will depend on how much you wish to invest in your business. However, the capital invested will be returned with profit, very soon.


Blogging is the best business idea of earn from home. You have plethora of niche ranging from lifestyle to business. Pick a niche you are interested in and work on it. Remember, interesting and engaging blogs attract good traffic allowing to earn good money.

Taxi or rideshare

You already have a car or you can invest in used car to start cab service business. There is no need to market ride-share services as there are many. Join as more rideshare services as you can. This business does not need special skill set but you need a valid driving license.

Carpet cleaning services, landscaping services, laundry & dry cleaners, pet supplies shop, printing services, travel agency, etc. are some good start up business that needs less investment. The plan is to choose one that interest you more and so you can enjoy it as well as earn money.

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