Packing for an Afternoon of Wine Tasting in Georgia

Wine tasting is a great way to spend the day. Whether you’re with a friend, significant others or family member, wine tasting is a fun, relaxing activity. Wine tasting in Georgia is full of delicious wines that can be enjoyed at the wineries or purchased in bottles for later. As you plan a day of wine tasting, consider packing these three things. You’ll be happy to have them at some point during a day full of sipping and smiling.


Each winery is different so some wine tastings might be free while others require you to pay a small fee. This charge for a tasting could be as low as just a few dollars. If you don’t want to be using your debit or credit card for a few dollars here and there, make sure to bring cash with you on the wine trail. In addition to having cash to pay for tastings or buy bottles of wine, you can also use it to tip the tasting room associates.


It’s common for wineries to offer small bar snacks with their tastings. Crackers and pretzels are frequently available free of charge to tasters. While these snacks are great in between sips of wine, they aren’t as substantial as real snacks like fruit, cheese or bread. Before you head out to the first winery of the day, stop at the store or pack some additional snacks. After a few wineries and tastings, you’ll be happy to have these snacks on hand for nibbling between wineries.

Lunch or Dinner

If you are planning to spend most of the day in Georgia wine tasting, you will need more than just snacks. The best part about the wine trail is that it is perfect for a picnic lunch or dinner. Packing lunch or dinner means you can bring it out anytime you want for a relaxed dinner. Many wineries will allow you to bring your own food and purchase one of their bottles of wine to enjoy with the meal. Subs and sandwiches are perfect for a picnic meal on the patio of a gorgeous winery.

Don’t leave your home or hotel empty-handed as you head out for wine tasting in Georgia. Check your wallet to make sure you have enough cash to cover at least tasting fees and tipping. Grab a variety of quick snacks for eating on the go in between wineries. And, if you plan to be out on the wine trail the entire day, consider packing a picnic meal to enjoy with a local bottle of wine.

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