Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Kitten

Kitten adoptions can be life-changing. Not only is this amazingly cute little thing dependent on you, it will instantly alter your normal routine. When choosing a kitten, you have several choices. Here are some things to consider before you make your selection.

First, The Basics

Do you have the time to raise a kitten? Can you give the little being a safe, secure and friendly home? What type of personality are you looking for in your kitten? How will any other pets or family members react to a new member of the family? It might be that you have all those answered and your kitten adoption is as simple as picking one out. It might be, though, that the answers to those questions make you reconsider what exactly you want or can handle at this point in your life.


When looking at kitten adoptions, you should make sure that the kittens you are considering are at least nine weeks of age. Choosing a kitten that is 12 weeks or more is ideal. Anything younger than nine, though, can lead to health and growth issues for the kitten as well as possibly exposing them to diseases they are not strong enough to fight off yet.


This is completely subjective, but most people have a preference. If you have a question or concern about one or the other, ask to talk to someone who has raised one and pick their brain. Chance are any stereotypes you have are not accurate or are easily addressable, but you should talk to someone with experience to help you formulate a way to address any shortcomings.

Short or Long Hair

This really comes down to one question: Do you want to be vacuuming hair all year long or only half the year? Kidding aside, the length hair of a cat should affect your decision although it should not be a deal breaker. If you do not have time to help groom it, a longer haired cat might not be the best fit. Conversely, if you live in a warmer climate, a short-haired cat might be more comfortable.


Watch the litter and observe how your kitten behaves. Are they dominate or submissive? Aggressive or passive? Do they get along with the other kittens or cats? Addressing these questions before you have them at your home, particularly if you have other pets is key to their comfort and your peace of mind.

These are just a few of the many questions you need to work out before you decide to adopt. Kitten adoptions come with serious responsibilities you, as an owner, have to assume. Making sure you are ready is key to a long and fulfilling relationship.

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