A Quick Guide to Preparing for Foster Kittens

Whether you are new to fostering or are a veteran foster parent, preparation is the key to success. Before bringing home one or more kittens to foster, it’s crucial for you and your home to be well organized. Do you have everything you need, are you forgetting anything? Here is a quick guide to getting ready for kitten fostering.

Everyday Supplies

In the most basic sense, there are supplies you must have for successful fostering. Food, water, bedding, and a litterbox are a great start. Depending on the age of the kittens you may need formula before switching to food and water. In addition, when it comes to bedding, to help contain the kittens, you will likely want to have some type of enclosure for them to stay in, full of soft blankets and perhaps a thermal mat if you are in a cool climate.


Decide which room will be the main area for fostering kittens. This area should be 100 percent kitten-proof before you bring the little critters home. Get rid of garbage cans, toxic plants, and anything they may be able to climb. You want this space to be as safe and as empty as possible. A non-carpeted floor is ideal. In this space, you will want to have the kittens bedding and litter box all set up and ready to go.

Daily Routine

Not only are you providing these kittens with a place to live, but you are also teaching them how to live. They will start to walk, explore, eat dry food, play, and so much more during their fostering time with you. Creating a routine can help you and the kittens stay on track. Feeding them at the same times each day is a great way to start. Before the kittens arrive, write down your planned schedule so you can stick to it. Creating a routine will help the kittens adjust and thrive as it reduces surprises and unexpected experiences that can hinder their growth.

Fostering may not always be easy, but it is always worth it. Being properly prepared to bring the kittens to your home is an opportunity to begin fostering smoothly and successfully. Without kitten fostering, these kittens may not have the chance to find loving homes. However, thanks to you, your time, and your dedication – they have a chance for a long, happy life!

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