Ramp up Your Living Space

Has your living spaced contracted a case of the blahs? Left neglected for several years, clutter can accumulate and upholstery can become aged. Returning home from a long day at work, your living space should be a welcoming oasis. You don’t need an unlimited budget or the services of an expensive designer to ramp up your living space. Follow these basic recommendations from interior decorators and design gurus to transform your living space and look forward to coming home each evening.

The first step is to clear all furniture from the space. Any pieces that are too large to move should be covered with drop cloths to protect from paint splatter. Remove all art and paintings from the walls. Take down window treatments and window treatment hardware. Patch all holes with spackle, let fully dry and sand smooth. Take off trim and window and door surrounds. Select a soft shade of neutral paint that compliments the wall colors of adjoining rooms within eyesight of the space being redecorated. If you’re having difficulties selecting a paint color, remind yourself that selecting a baby’s name is a huge decision; choosing a $25 gallon of paint is not. Painting a space can result in a dramatic transformation for a limited amount of time and money. Place drop cloths on the floors and apply two coats of paint. Touch up trim work where necessary. Allow paint to cure and dry for at least twenty-four hours. Steam-clean the floors.

Before returning furnishings to the space, identify the room’s focal point. This could be a picture window, large piece of furniture or fireplace. Arrange the sofa and chairs in a conversational setting around the focal point. Resist the temptation to return smaller, occasional pieces of furniture to the space as these tend to give the room a cluttered feel. The goal is to create a welcoming and tranquil oasis. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and purchase a selection of colorful through pillows for fun accents from the huge variety offered by  Bloomingdales. When returning window treatments to the space, hang them two to three inches below the ceiling to draw the eye upward and create the feel of a larger space. Best of luck to you!

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