Red Flags to Keep in Mind When Hiring Residential Painters

Painting your home’s interiors or exteriors takes a lot of consideration. Apart from complying with any HOA standards that you may have to adhere to, you’ll have to decide on colors, styles, schemes, designs, and how much you’re willing to spend. Deciding to take on the job yourself may prove to be more overwhelming than you initially expected. The logical step would be to hire a professional contractor to do the job for you.

But how do you know you’re hiring the right one for the job? You want a quality finished product, meticulous and cohesive enough to complement your furniture or landscaping and truly capture that alluring curb appeal you’ve always wanted. A home that looks that good can also improve its value over time. So, when you’re consulting with a potential team to hire for residential painting services in Atlanta, keep in mind the red flags that could indicate who NOT to hire.

Warning Signs

One of the most telling signs to keep in mind is your gut feeling. They may be affordable, but if you get a bad vibe, trust your intuition. Any contractor with a brief resume and little experience in residential painting is highly questionable. If you wanted amateur services, you’d do it yourself. The same goes for a portfolio and references. If the contractor fails to provide these or chooses not to, then you shouldn’t accept them.

Naturally, if they provide poor customer service, think twice about hiring them. You wouldn’t accept that at a grocery store or restaurant, so why allow it for a significant job like this? You’ll never want your contractor to pressure you into making any quick or unnecessary decisions. Overzealous marketing tactics to sell you unwanted residential painting services might indicate how little they care.

Ask Questions

The best way to find out more about the contractor is to ask them questions. There’s no need to rush into any decision. Take the time to interview them and ask them questions. Among the most prominent warning signs to watch out for is any questionable way of conducting business. Ask them if they’re licensed to do the job and if they offer liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If they care about their employees, they care about the work.

Furthermore, ask them about their skills. Perhaps you’re looking for a particular type of design. If they only offer basic services, find out what “basic” means and if they can perform the task you hired them to complete. They may not have the necessary equipment, and they may hire out subcontractors. This is important to know before hiring them. And most of all, ask them directly about their pricing structures. Stay away from anything too confusing.

When you’re looking for residential painting services in Atlanta, keep a keen eye on the red flags that reveal who you shouldn’t contract out for the job.

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