Steps to Create Custom Flags

Stock flags are already a great way to advertise. But, they lack the personal touches of custom flags. Designing your own unique flag can help give you an extra bit of attention that less unique stock flags won’t get.

Where to Start

Often, the design process starts with choosing the flag shape. But, if you find you’re having trouble choosing a shape and then creating a design to fit it, figure out the design first and then figure out which flag fits it best.


What your flag says is usually the most important part. Consumers need to know why your flag even exists in the first place. The message should be kept short and sweet since it’s unlikely it will get anyone’s full attention. With so much going on everywhere you look, they’ll probably just give your flag a glance. The text should be short and simple enough to read in a short glance. Try to keep it to one or two words. If you’re advertising your entire business, you may not need any text at all.


Unless it’s obvious what business the flag is advertising, you’re going to need your business name or logo on the flag. Using your logo would be ideal but if you don’t have one then the business name will be fine. If you have text on your flag, you may want to skip other images and make your logo the only one. Having no logo may give you the space for another image. Flags with no text can have both a logo and another image. This design may be ideal if you want to showcase products on the flag.


With color, you may either get a lot of freedom or none at all. If you have a logo, use the colors of the logo for the flag’s colors. You want people to recognize your business. If you don’t have a logo or there’s only one set color associated with your logo, you can choose the colors based on whatever you like. Pick seasonal colors, holiday colors, or even a color scheme that you just like.


Now that you have a design, it’s time to pick your shape. Rectangle flags will work well with pretty much any design you can come up with. Custom feather flags work very well with text and a logo. Teardrop flags are best with no text since they taper so dramatically.

Making custom flags is a great way to create a unique advertisement that will draw attention.

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