Tanner Transmissions Repair and Services

Learning that there is a problem with your transmission can be incredibly scary. Transmission issues can put a car out of operation for quite some time and can be quite costly to fix. Those experiencing transmission issues and seeking a transmission repair shop in Ogden need look no further than Tanner Transmissions.


The first step in fixing a transmission issue is to get a diagnosis. The most common sign that there is a transmission issue is the check engine light. Of course, this could also be indicative of a number of other problems, so it is usually free to have a technician look into the reason that the check engine light is on in a vehicle. Another sign of transmission issues is that the vehicle has trouble going in and out of gear. For example, the car may be stuck in one gear or experience a delay when switching to a different gear. When this happens, the car may lurch forward as if it is being rear ended. Other common symptoms of transmission issues lie in the actual transmission itself. The first is when the transmission begins slipping. This happens when power is does not go to the wheels of the car. The second is when there is noise in the transmission. Since this can be caused by a number of different issues, a diagnosis is extremely necessary. A transmission fluid problem is another common symptom. There may be a leak or the transmission may be running low on fluid for another reason. If a driver is experiencing issues with their transmission that has taken their car out of operation, Tanner Transmissions offers free towing!


After confirming that the issue is with the transmission and not another part of the car, the next step is to get it repaired! Tanner Transmissions is the best transmission repair shop in Ogden because they specialize in repairing transmissions and transmission related issues. Their specialists repair, service and rebuild all kinds of transmissions and have lots of knowledge. Additionally, after the transmission is repaired, the experts run the transmission through a 20 minute dynadrome test. A dynadrome is equipped with a motor that is used to run the transmission. This test simulates road conditions in order to make sure that the transmission is ready for operation. Once the test is complete, they compare the results to statistics they have gathered.

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