Things You Can Do with Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is a strong, durable material that sees many different uses across several industries, most notably, for action sports such as climbing and ricercar driving. Also, it sees much use in military gear. But, it can have many other practical uses that can come off as surprising for some people or maybe even make them go, “wow, that’s a good idea!”If you’re an avid DIYer looking to buy nylon webbing, continue reading for some great things you can create with it.

Leashes and Harnesses

There are two creatures in your life that can cause you a lot of trouble due to their inherently adventurous nature: your child and your pet. Many modern child harnesses can be bulky and frankly, a bit excessive. But, you can craft a simple wrist leash using nylon webbing and Velcro wrist straps.You might feel like you need a full chest harness for your child, if he or she is particularly rambunctious. With nylon webbing, you can create harness fully tailored to your child’s measurements, as it can be hard finding a harness to fit your kid.

For your dog, nylon presents the necessary strength needed to handle your dog’s harsh, sudden, and unpredictable movements. With the right hardware, you can create a strong and durable leash for your best friend that is sure to withstand heavy use.

You can buy webbing in bulk and it’s available in various lengths and widths, so you can purchase exactly what you need. It’s also available in many different colors, so you won’t have to settle for plain old black or white and give your design some pop.

Furniture and Outdoor Gear Fixes

It’s summer, and you want to enjoy the sun as much as you can. But sometimes, the stuff that you need to make your summer outing go without a hitch can get damaged. Take a lawn chair, for example. The straps that hold your body up can tear and eventually snap. Using nylon webbing, you can make it like new again and have a durable material that ensures the chair stays in shape for longer. For the outdoorsy type, nylon webbing can be used for many things, such as holding the seat in your kayak or making more slack lining gear for your avid climber. You can also reinforce backpacks by either adjusting or lengthening its fit or securing pouches and pockets.

Other Uses

You can fix many a thing in your household and for your outdoor activities when you buy nylon webbing in bulk. These can include:

  • Fixing seat belts in car seats
  • Sports gear
  • Tent adjusters
  • Holding down loads on trucks
  • And much more!

Who knows? Maybe you can find even more uses for nylon webbing. Buy it in bulk and start experimenting. You never know what you might discover.

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