Tips for Accounting for Nonprofit

Use a Non-Profit Specific Software

Using software specifically made for non-profits can be helpful to relieve some stress. This software would be able to keep track of things like donations that for-profit organizations may not have to keep track of. Non-profit accounting can be that much simpler for someone that may be having trouble keeping track of those things.

Schedule Periodic Reminders

Checking up on the accounting yourself every so often can be helpful even with non-profit software. This will also make it easier to keep track of any records or payments that need to be reported at a certain time.

Break Big Projects into Smaller Tasks

Looking at big projects that need a lot of work can be intimidating, so breaking the accounting for non-profit into smaller tasks should make everything easier. Having less to do at once will make it easier to focus on all of the work in front of you and not have to worry about everything involved in one project.

Prepare for an Annual Audit

The audit is going to have to happen, it’s best just to be prepared for when it happens. It would also help to keep in contact with the auditor so both parties know what to expect when the audit comes. Also be sure to ask for any advice they have to keep up with the accounting.

Keep Track of Petty Cash

It may be tempting to not worry about just a few dollars that come in, but those dollars could end up being a big deal. At a non-profit, it’s important to keep track of everything that comes it so it will be easier to know where to spend any money that comes in. accounting for a non-profit is a lot simpler if you make sure to keep track of everything.

Try to Stay Flexible

Since the money will be coming from donations it’s likely that the same amount won’t be coming in all the time, so don’t bank on a certain amount of money coming in regularly. Make sure to keep track of the books to prevent any money from being lost or forgotten.

Consider Getting Professional Help

Although accounting for a non-profit can be done without any outside help, it may not be a bad idea to seek professional help. If there’s any trouble keeping the books correctly an accountant would be able to help point everything in the right direction.


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