Tips to Consider While Searching for A Good Marijuana Dispensary

The aim to visit a marijuana dispensary is to buy weeds or cannabis product but it is an intimidating task to find a good one. What is included in a ‘good’ dispensary seems somewhat subjective. It depends on the individual shoppers needs. Some may just decide to select the closest one but if they choose a dispensary based on their needs rather than a convenient location then they will attain pleasing experience. To make your decision little easy below are few factors to consider when you go in search of a good marijuana dispensary.

Be unbiased

Due to marijuana superficial legal status less than perfect town areas are often relegated to establish marijuana dispensaries. Unfortunately, legislators feel that medical marijuana dispensaries get classified under the similar category of adult DVD stores and strip clubs. Unless law changes you will need to shop in these less desirable locations in the town.

Another aspect that goes with being open minded is not to judge book by its cover. Conservative appearances can make you misjudge. The individual with multiple tattoos and piercings can be an excellent cannabis sommelier with in-depth knowledge regarding marijuana and specific products in their dispensary. They ask intelligent questions about your needs and make good suggestions on the basis of your answers.


You need to feel safe, while walking inside the shop and return back to your car feeling confident. Good dispensaries have on duty security. For example, local dispensary in Seattle has a security guard present, which positively affects the overall safety of surrounding neighbourhood.


You must not feel uncomfortable purchasing cannabis. The dispensary interiors need to be welcoming. Determine if you need a small shop with friendly staff or large venue with lounge area and freshly brewed coffee. Your preference does not matter, there is a marijuana dispensary to fulfil your taste.

Budtender’s knowledge

Unlike seasoned cannabis connoisseur, novices will have few queries about products displayed on dispensary shelf. Knowledgeable staff will competently navigate them through selection process via accurate product information and sound advice. Sometimes the staff may seem disinterested or give vague answers, which can make a huge difference between negative and positive dispensary experience.

Services don’t matter, if you are familiar with your needs. Many of them are not updated about current strains or new edibles or topical products that got introduced. Well trained budtender can be valuable in your choosing the right kind of strain.


Many dispensaries grow their own strains and few buy from wholesalers. It means cannabis product quality can differ a little between locations, so get to know what to expect in advance. Check reviews on the internet or find out cannabinoid profile and lab tested potency of the strain you prefer.


Cannabis is expensive mainly because of added government taxes and charges. Today, you can find pricing guide and menus of different dispensaries online. Narrow your search to few close to your residence. Determine which location is affordable on the basis of product quality and your needs. Some dispensaries may offer products at relatively low cost, so as to empty their shelves for new inventory. However, check online reviews with menu prices to determine, if the discount is actually worthy or not.

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